Mastering the Zodiac

How to Read Your Birth Chart


Janna Reach

Everyone has their own birth chart that you can read which indicates your personality and overall life experiences. We all have zodiac signs, but most people only know their sun sign. What many do not know is that there are other signs you have that tell you more about yourself. 

To start, you have to figure out your birth chart which is easy to do. By simply searching up Once you are there you will click on free horoscopes at the top then natal chart, ascendant under the drawings and calculations category. Then you will fill out the required information such as time of birth, place of birth, age, and things of that sort. Another easy website to figure out your birth chart is After that is completed, it is time to begin learning how to read your birth chart. 

There are three big components when it comes to your birth chart, the houses, the signs, anHow to Read a Natal Chart? - / Blogd planets. Now you may ask yourself what each of these mean. The houses are meant to represent the sky at the time you were born and it tells you about the areas of your life. For example, your first house would tell you about yourself like your appearance, motivations, goals, etc. 

The signs represent where the zodiac signs were along the ecliptic at the time of your birth. These signs show the characteristics and qualities of your life. This is where it becomes different for everyone’s chart since we are all born at different times and days. 

Lastly, the planets represent the experiences in our lives and shape our personality. Whichever house a planet is in will show us which area these experiences of our life will occur. 

When you begin to read your birth chart the first few things you would want to look for are your sun sign, moon, and ascendant, also known as your rising sign. Which indicates most of your personality. Your sun sign represents your outer personality, ego, self-image, basically the core of who you are. Your moon sign represents your emotions, sensitivity, your feelings, and mood. Your rising sign is how others perceive you, and others’ first impressions. 

If you have more planets on the upper hemisphere of your natal chart that means objectivity. A lot of your life moments and activities are in the public. If you have more planets in the southern hemisphere meaning subjectivity. That means that a lot of your battles are going to be within you. 

That is overall how to figure out which other zodiac signs you are. Everyone’s chart is different but once you know each of the 12 signs and where it lands on your natal chart it becomes easier to understand.