Blackpink “The Album” Review


Blackpink The Album Review

Stephanie Magana

Blackpink’s debut album, “The Album”, came out on October third of this year. This has given fans a couple of months to listen to it and make their full opinions. The Album came as a surprise to many people, as it wasn’t even announced until about a week or two before it’s release. This somehow worked in favor for Blackpink though, they have thousands of dedicated fans who were completely ready to listen and spread the word about the album.

The Album was released alongside a music video for the fifth track, “Lovesick Girls.” Lovesick Girls and track three, “Pretty Savage”, were the album’s two singles and were performed by the group on a few occasions to promote the album’s release. The first and second tracks on the album, “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream feat. Selena Gomez” were both singles that were released months prior to the announcement of the album. The other six songs were entirely new.

These unheard tracks had a whole new level of depth behind them. With most of Blackpink’s music, you knew they could always bring something really good to the table. They’ve released banger after banger, and while this album did keep that ball rolling, there was even more to it. The track “Love To Hate Me” is a good example of this. While it is a good song, on par with some of their singles, it also shows the struggles of a specific type of toxic relationship they may have gone through while famous.

Another track, “You Never Know”, which is the final track on the album, goes way more deep than any of their songs have ever gone. This one once again talks about struggles of becoming famous. They talk about multiple problems they’ve faced – depression, self doubt, judgement they face from the world, etc. It’s just something you can tell is so deep and personal.

Blackpink’s debut album was pretty great if you ask me. It had it’s share of great songs you could dance to, and meaningful songs that certainly meant a lot to the group. It was a perfect album to set the girls up for many more albums to come! After this, they’re stronger than ever!