Valorant – The New Gen CS:GO?


Matthew Arellano

Valorant, a game eerily similar to the absolute classic of the legendary game known as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, seems to be taking the gaming scene of what CS used to be. Valorant is a first person shooter that is extremely similar to CS:GO in the ways of movement, gameplay, and guns which leads many to believe it’s an exact rip. The game is meant for this new generation of selecting characters with unique features, many say that it’s CS:GO and Overwatch combined because of the features of rocket launchers, teammate revival, and many more. During Val’s CLOSED Beta, the game amassed over 3 million viewers and even though that may not seem like much, the Counter Strike series has been on platforms since 2000.

A big reason why many people are turning to Valorant as well is because of many CS:GO legends and retirees are turning to it after being burned out from CS after years and years of the same game in eSports events. Even legends from other games are turning to Valorant, Sinatraa, arguably one of the best players in all of Overwatch, is just one of the many switching. Legends like Hiko and s1mple have become part of new era teams and just dominate the game strategically and catastrophically. This is influencing many old and new pros to come onto the game, there is a whole new scene to get on that can be mixed up. Young influencers like TSM Wardell and Flights are having just as much skill as the oldheads.

CS:GO had many limits to it’s gameplay with graphics being outdated as well as voice lines and more. Valorant’s characters have their own universe and interact way more with each other. Movement’s like upward dashes, using bombs to launch yourself, and literal invulnerability just makes the game difficult and makes for overall good play. Currently there are 12 agents in the game with unique abilities that fit their personalities and relationships that make you love each character. There is a feature in the game called an “ultimate” which is a powerful ability that is acquired after a certain amount of kills. There’s everything from a laser from the sky, a rocket launcher, a bow that shoots across the map, and a literal snakepit.

Overall, the game is extremely similar to that of CS:GO, but just with the twists of games of the new generation. It’s looking like CS:GO is going to die down a bit, if it could ever, to a game that is just a breath of fresh air. If you have a PC then I recommend trying it out. It’s a lot of trial and error and there are fun and clean moments, but that’s what FPS games are about.