Animal Crossing: The Summer Update



Debane Mendoza

Nintendo has answered our prayers and many burnout gamers have gone back to see what’s new in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s been two weeks since the arrival of the new update that dropped on July 30th. The second wave of our summer fun just got a whole lot dreamier.

Our favorite Tapir named Luna arrived and we are now able to visit other dream islands. You do need a membership for this, but it allows you to visit any island that has a dream code or other players can visit your own home. Lots of dreamers are posting their dream codes online if you want to visit horror based islands or fairytale themed ones.

Luna appears when you sleep on a bed

Firework shows have officially begun and will happen every Sunday in August starting at 7p.m. You can give custom designs to Isabelle and the designs will later light up the sky. During the fireworks display, you can get tickets from Redd’s raffle and win fun prizes like balloons, sparklers, a bubble blower and more.

Fireworks display in the game

The last addition was the island backup and restoration service. This allows players to upload their island and data, so you are able to recover it if your switch has been damaged or lost.