NBA 2k20 New Christmas Update


Armond Morris

Everyone knows that NBA 2k20 is a game that is taken serious and the park game mode has been out for seven years. NBA 2k20 is finally celebrating the holiday by putting new Christmas events in the game. NBA 2k20 always had Christmas clothes in the stores that you could buy, but they never did anything for the park or new events. This year they added snow, Christmas Trees, presents, and Christmas lights around the park.

Last year on 2k19 the 2k company said that they were gonna add snow to the park, but never did and it had people disappointed because last year would of been the first year 2k added something unique. On NBA 2k20 they added new Christmas clothes, but they still have the old ones from the past years. On Christmas day they’re going to be giving out presents as well.

This past Halloween on NBA 2k2o you were able to walk up to houses and go trick or treating and they would give you free clothes and everyone was shocked about this because it was something the 2k community never had before. On Christmas I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be able to open up Christmas presents and they’re gonna give you clothes or new accessories for you’re 2k player. On NBA 2k2o there’s a Christmas bundle you can get and this is the first time the 2k community has received a Christmas bundle. In the Christmas bundle you can get 75,000 vc, Christmas backpack, and a Christmas shirt for $19.99.