Why It Chapter 2 Was A Nod To The Fans


Stephanie Magana

Fans of Stephen King have been loyally waiting for It Chapter 2 to come out for two years now. Whether it’s die-hard or just casual fans, everyone seemed to be really invested in the story and characters of the series. People were shocked and excited just from seeing the trailers that came out earlier this year.

The new movie gave us all more content of all of our favorite characters Bill, Beverly, Mike, Ben, Stanley, Richie, and Eddie. This alone was exciting, considering the fact that the 2017 movie was so great with making the characters so colorful and fun to watch, better than any other adaption of the story has done before. Chapter 2 delivered very much in that regard as well, the interactions between the adult versions of these characters were hilarious and still remained very much in character!

While the movie did bring some great comedic moments, it also had a lot of very emotional moments that hit especially hard when you’re already attached to the characters. A lot of the characters get a lot more developed in the sequel since some of it couldn’t fit in the first movie. Richie is a prime example of this. Richie was arguably given the least amount of backstory in the first movie, but they definitely made up for it in the sequel. In the first movie, they mainly just showed him being a source of comic relief with only a few moments of insecurity here and there. He was really given a lot more in Chapter 2 which was really appreciated since Richie has always been a fan favorite character. The film gave us a lot more information about his struggles throughout his childhood, being gay in the 80’s. It was really upsetting for most to see the character who’s usually having fun and joking around be so sad. It was very appreciated to see representation for the LGBTQ+ community in such a big film in many ways. A lot of fans of the series are a part of the community and have theorized that the characters of Richie and Eddie are a part of it as well. After years of waiting it’s finally been confirmed as true.

I believe this movie was a great addition to the series. While it was a bit slower and maybe a little bit less entertaining for some, it was truly amazing for the people who’ve stayed dedicated to the series. Many people would even say it wasn’t worth the wait, but I think it was. I love how much development each character got and how the two movies didn’t just focus on trying to be scary. I think it’s a better idea to appreciate the story and characters instead of simple jump-scares.