The Rise Of Rancho Humilde

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Lately there has been a new style of Mexican music that has been going around. It is a mix of urban Spanish music with a corrido. This new mash-up is being referred to as Requinto Urbano. The artist of this new style often sing about how they grew up going through the tough times. They also have songs that talk about partying and how drug dealers evolved. It is often times a Mexican guitar riff over top, what we would refer to in America as a rap. 

Rancho Humilde is a known record label that features the Requinta Urbano sound. This label was created by Jimmy Humilde. Once he had the record label up and running he started to hire different solo artist and groups. Rancho Humilde had 2 groups that blew up immediately in Legado 7 and Fuerza regida. Those 2 groups were the ones that really put Rancho Humilde on the map.

As time went on, Rancho Humilde later signed would sign more groups while gaining fame for this new style. Recently the record label have had multiple groups become popular. One of these artists that just started blowing up towards the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 is Herencia de Patrones. They came out with a song that went viral called Cosas de la Clicka along with Legado 7 and Fuerza Regida. Rancho Humilde also has a tour that happens every year, called Smoke Me Out Tour. 

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