Jesse L. Martin Returns


David Garcia

The Flash, a CW superhero show that debuted in Oct. of 2014. When you think of a superhero show, you think the main hero is the star of the show. But in this show family is the true hero of the story and no one shows more family spirit than Jesse L. Martin who is returning to the shows roster.

Jesse L. Martin plays detective Joe West, father to Wally and Iris West and Barry Allen’s surrogate father figure. Jesse was a season regular ever since the first episode. Sadly at the end of the fourth season during the CW’s show breaks Martin had sustained a back injury. He was still able to be on set and record scenes as the character for the first few episodes of season five. But all his scenes included him sitting down not moving around which was in stark contrast to the roll he usually plays. After the fourth episode the injury had taking its toll and Martin went on a medical leave. However, he has now fully recovered and will be returning to episode fifteen. The cast has also filled in loose ends of where his character has been. In the latest episode they mentioned he was visiting his son Wally in Tibet.

The Flash hasn’t been the same without Joe West and the cast members are very excited to see him return and be healthy as can be. Now the main villain of this season Cicada better watch out for this re-energized detective.