Venom in the Skies of New York

Eminem - Venom

David Garcia

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New York City is known for hosting New Years Eve, concerts, and many impressive events. However, only one man took over a entire building and lit up the night sky with the song about a symbiote.

On the show Jimmy Kimmel Live show the rapper known as Eminem performed his song Venom in and on top of the Empire State Building. The performance took the rapper from the bottom of the tower to the very top of the building. His spot light was a helicopter which was following him up the tower. However, that wasn’t his only light source. The entire building was flashing lights that were different colors. The citizens on the ground level were oblivious to what was happening but enjoyed the light show they witnessed. When the video was over the rapper jokingly asked, “Can I get down from here now?”


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