CES : Global Innovation


Toyota’s Concept Car

Alex Callahan

        CES(Consumer Electronics Show) is the center for global innovation when it comes to the advancements of technology. All around the world, companies looking in the same direction come to CES and present their products to the public marketplace. It’s more of a trading between companies and sharing ideas for true innovation. These ideas may include virtual theaters, autonomous vehicles, and even athletic enhancements!

         You, the common consumer, may have noticed how great technology has treated you so far from augmented cameras in phones to virtual reality and it keeps getting better. But sadly, as a consumer, we can not attend these conferences as it is held for business topics only. But we can be patient for what great things that lay ahead of this path to global innovation that can probably change the entire world and together we will experience it all!

        To get your blood pumping even more, wait until you see their latest concept cars. You’ll be surprised to see what manufactures made these designs.

        Toyota designed a car that can drive itself and talk to its passengers with a built-in AI named Yui. Yui can perform certain actions such as blinking via headlights and even uses voice recognition to open doors. Although this is a self-driving car safety precautions are made with an added steering wheel.

         In a collaboration with Nvidia, Volkswagen has stepped-up their classic hippie mobile with an added AI companion. Its main goal was for the smart car to become accustomed to the driver and passengers and also become an autonomous vehicle, as well. Its abilities may include facial recognition, surrounding detection, alerts, and voice commands.

         For the final one, a two-year Chinese starting company named Byton has designed their first vehicle and it can be controlled by users using gestures, not touch. The steering wheel has a screen for facial and emotional recognition, and passengers are able to watch entertainment and conduct calls on video.

         There are things other than vehicles being produced and this was just a fraction of what will be soon. I hope you are ready for the future as much as I am!