Robust Taste of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch/ Freeze

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Gabriela Hernandez, Reporter

Taco bell Itself

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant that is located world wide with a total of 6,400 locations. The food choices go from breakfast in a taco, burritos, salads, tacos, to quesadillas. The Taco bell hot sauce packs have variety flavors with a different color package depending on the hot sauce, also they have quotes and/or sayings on the front meanwhile other fast food restaurants do not. There’s also pastries such as cinnamon twist, cinnamon buns, delights, etc. Lastly,the drinks. They go from soda to freezes, in fact, there’s always a new flavor exchanged every now and then. The freezes most favored at Taco Bell are the Mountain Dew Baja Blast, and starburst strawberry freeze, recently there has been a new flavor added which is the orange Crush freeze. You can also mix-and-match flavors. Taco bell is a fast food restaurant that always has something new to the menu almost every time you visit! Plus, almost every food item is under seven dollars.      

This fast food restaurant is a very neat and clean place in the inside and out, it’s just like the other fast foods in the way it’s set up, though Taco bell doesn’t include tables to eat outside. Taco bell usually has more customers in the drive-thru than in the inside. Has it become a lazy problem?

Location and History

Currently in Stockton, California there’s about 10 Taco Bell fast food restaurants. Usually  every Taco Bell is located near a McDonald’s. Before Taco Bell was given this name, it was called Bell’s Drive-In, in 1954. The reason for the word Bell was because his name was Glen bell. Bell’s business started off with just hot dogs and hamburgers. He also owned another place named Taco Tia in San Bernardino. In 1962, Glen bell opened his first Taco Bell business in Downy, CA . It’s name was a combination of the two restaurants he owned. Glen sold 868 Taco Bell restaurants to PepsiCo Inc., and became PepsiCo shareholder.

Eric Brightwell  The first ever Taco Bell fast food restaurant was opened on March 21, 1962 in Downy, CA. Glen Bell founded this place after founding two other fast foods. Taco Bell’s logo has changed several times over the years since 1962. This fast food restaurant is known all over the world.

Satisfying Taste of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch

A cheesy gordita crunch can only be bought at Taco Bell, which is only $2.79, it contains 500 calories in total. In this food item, all the condiments are put into a perfect salted yellow tortilla shell. Over the shell, is another tortilla, though this one is white, soft and fluffy made out of flour. In between these two layers of tortillas, is a combination of three cheeses, this cheese happens to be melted. Now for the inside, at the very bottom is the seasoned beef, over that is the spicy milky white ranch, after comes the juicy bright green lettuce and the yellow cheese. There’s other condiments that can be added such as jalapeno peppers, though there will be an additional charge depending on extra entries. Cheesy gordita crunches are made recent, which indicates that they’re warm and not soggy.  

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Mountain Dew Freeze, the Side of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch

The reason why a Mountain Dew freeze was chosen over a fountain drink is because the slushy is icy which makes it so refreshing. The Mountain Dew freeze is a minty green color with the soda flavor of Mountain Dew with the taste of tropical lime, which is why the freeze is more preferable because a fountain drink is in a slushy. It only costs $1.99 for a medium 16-ounce, though during happy hour it only costs one dollar from 2-5 pm. It’s so delicious it even makes you want to drink it in the winter.         

Mountain Dew freezes go with literally ever meal, I love how refreshing it taste!”

— Rodolfo Hernandez, Health Science, Senior

Taco Bell’s Work Environment

When walking into a Taco bell fast food restaurant, you’ll usually see employee’s cleaning tables, windows, restrooms, and/ or the floor even if it’s already clean, which in other words means that they have a clean environment. When walking into Taco Bell, you need to get in line in order to ask for what you’d like and pay. After about five minutes they’ll call your order number so you can pick your food up. They ensure that you got what you asked for, they also are very polite! Where the fountain drinks are, across are the hot sauces as well. The hot sauces are always ordered by their flavor/color, they’re never out of place. The walls have colorful frames and some involve food. Like it’s been said before, there’s no benches outside to eat, though there’s a drive-thru.

Reasons Why You Should Try Taco Bell

Do you ever just have those moments where you don’t know where to go out to eat, but you want it for cheap? A fast food restaurant perhaps? Well, Taco Bell is the right place! Taco Bells menu has a variety of choices. If there’s a specific food you’d like to get but contains something in it that you dislike, no problem, just ask the workers to not add it. They’ll have no problem with taking  it out! In fact, like it’s said before, if you even want anything added you’ll only get charged with about only thirty cents. Plus, since there’s about 10 Taco Bell fast food restaurants in Stockton, California, there’s probably one near you! Taco Bells food is really tasty, there’s rarely a problem of them getting your order wrong, and if they do, they sometimes even give you free food.              

Taco Bell is one of my favorite places to eat when I don’t want to go out anywhere far, or pay a lot.”

— Te'Ah Davis, CAPA, Junior