Fantastic Diner Dine At Red Lobster !

Birthday Dinner At Red Lobster !

Princess Barlay, Reporter

Where are we going to eat today ?

Today, f.or my fifteenth birthday I went to go out, and eat at my local Red Lobster. The delicious Lobster is freshly and fully cooked. If your lazy to cook, you can go to Red Lobster, and they will make your dinner.

The menu, is the best part, that is filled with different varieties of seafood. When receiving the menu, and making your decision will be the hardest part.
Princess Barlay
The menu, is the best part, that is filled with different varieties of seafood. When receiving the menu, and making your decision will be the hardest part.

“I love the idea of eating as much garlic biscuits before the food is ready.”

— Ashley Vang, Sophmore

Where does this originate from ?

The well known seafood restaurant is located on 2283 W March Lane Stockton CA, 95207.

Red Lobster is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The company has restaurants in Canada, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mexico, and Japan, and other locations in the United States. The history behind Red Lobster kind of comes from a long way. Bill Darden, is a man who is passionate about making delicious, and higher leveled seafood, that would be reasonable for everyone to afford. A family owned restaurant in Lakeland, Florida has turned out to be one of the fanciest restaurants with more than 700 locations. Darden opened his first Red Lobster in 1968 in Florida.

The best dish of all !

The best dish of all, is either Farm-Raised or Wild caught which makes the dish even mouthwatering of all. The Lobster mixed with various other foods along with it. It smells like different seasonings, and it feels hot, then as you feel the flesh of the lobster it becomes soft. I give the taste of the lobster a 95 percent, and the value 100 percent because it’s so rich. The lobster’s shell is orange, and smooth. The inside of the lobster is the breathe taker. As, you take the first bite it will melt down your throat, and your throat will crave more, and more until it’s satisfied. The lobsters flesh is white, and seems buttery, with the little seasonings that were added on top for additional flavor. What I ate today, is the lobsters tail, which is known for more flesh (meat) in a lobster.

“I love lobster, and there crab. I also love their warm garlic bread.”

— La'Mia Lee, Freshman

The goodies !

The appetizers are the best way to start off your dinner, they offer you garlic biscuit and salad. Nothing can go wrong with those two items. The garlic biscuit, is full-flavored, and mouthwatering with every bite you take. It’s so scrumptious, buttery, soft, and warm which makes you want to eat more, and more. The fresh salad so rich, and creamy wants you to eat a whole truck load of it. The Cheddar Bay Biscuits, can nearly be bought anywhere, in spite of its luxurious taste, it will never taste the same when homemade. That’s why when you are at Red Lobster, eat as much as you can. The biscuits are golden brown, covered in garlic herbs throughout. The first bite, would never be regretted, it is white, and very fluffy. The salad is filled with many croutons, which makes every crunchy bite tasty as ever.

Description of the location ?

The decor of the restaurant is kept well-ordered, with immediate service, except on special holidays (Mother’s Day etc.) The lightning of the restaurant is kept quite dim, but it sets the mood of the whole place. The tables, are light brown, and the seats are tan with the top having a colorful design. The place is very quiet, unless they are singing Happy Birthday to you or others. The waiters are friendly, and extremely patient, which customers are always pleased to see. The place is decent to eat, you don’t hear little kids running around, or crying.

Do I think this is a good place to go ?

I would recommend going to eat here, because it’s a very peaceful place, and you can see the live seafood while entering the restaurant. It’s a restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about making dinner that night, and you could even have leftovers ! The waiters never have a frown on their face, they always come, and check if your okay, or even ask if you need more garlic biscuits.


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