A Mexican dish that Everyone will love

If you like Mexican food then you should try my Mom’s Mexican food like Quesadilla’s ,posole and Mexican Rice.

“A Quesadilla is the best when you want something quick and warm””

— Gilbert Arevalos 12th

.These will have different spices and flavors to them.



Mexican food is really delicious

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For the quesadilla i had used a flour tortilla,Carne-asada,cheddar cheese and lettuce.First I had cooked the Carne asada while it was cooking I had grated the cheese,washed and cut the lettuce.

After that I cooked the tortilla  I had put the meat and lettuce in the quesadilla. I also put the cheese int the quesadilla as well.then i put tapatio. my mom ate that.

After  I had made the Mexican rice I had put this orange powder on their and then while it was cooking. i had to keep checking on it to make sure it didn’t burn. i had to keep mixin it.

After it was done  my whole family had dinner and My Mom said ” it was pretty good 6/10″. my sisters said it was 5/10. my brother said it was 7/10

I had a fun time to doing this for the final. my mom showed me what to do.This was dinner for last night.