Food review: Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box where food is cheap and good?

Angel Sanchez , Reporter

Jack in the Box is a place with horrible service and food to which they try to cover using many things such as average prices and decor.

At Jack in the Box the first thing you will notice is that there building is very boring and lacks colors but inside they tried there best to distract there customs from the horrible taste food that they serve and they poorly taken care of tables and floors by using a lot of colorful pictures and a map showing people other locations where you can find Jack in the Box.


Jack in the Box started in Phoenix, Arizona  and expanded outside of California which was unfortunate for us because in 1996 over at a Jack in the Box in San Diego a woman suffered kidney failure due to a bad hamburger.

Jack in the Box is best known for there cheap tacos. Sounds amazing until you try it the meat taste as awful as it smells and the cheese the use in the tacos looks like Kraft Cheese but when you eat it they you really wish you hadn’t because the cheese taste sticky and bitter and the taco shell is no better then the rest of the taco itself. It is brittle and is dry and somehow smells worse then the meat they use for the taco.

Jack in the Box has the best appearance for Oreo milkshakes but there is no surprise that when you try it the dream continues because it is frozen and you must wait for it to defrost and the chary on top taste artificial and is not very sweet. It would best be called a ice cream instead because when it is defrosted the surprises continue as it turns out that it is not blended very well.

When going to Jack in the box you might want some sweet mini churros but you might want to go somewhere else because they only have small cylinders of disappointment the churros are filled with something that has no flavor and doesn’t provide a sanctifying crunch and the cinnamon they put on it is poorly applied. After trying these things you might run out of the building feeling so disappointed and maybe needed some therapy.

Everyone loves good onion rings but at Jack in the Box you will just find the hair of the employees and onions rings with no flavor to which they try to make up for with barbecue sauce.

Jack in the Box is a place that is not worth going to because the horrible serve and the food you would be better off eating at Wendy’s or Denny’s because they have good food and a natural look for there building.