The real Breaking bad

Harold Ebana, Reporter

Breaking Bad chronicles the adventures of Walter White, a 50-year-old-man. Despite receiving some thoughtful birthday gifts, Walter always mopes around like a real Debbie Downer. After being diagnoses with lung cancer, Walter decides he needs a “hobby”, other than getting another job. So he takes up the manufacture of methamphetamine. Joining Walter in this new venture is Jesse Pinkman. Their bold new enterprise offers exciting growth opportunity. Unfortunately, Walter’s brother-in-law, Hank, is a drug cop who takes no for an answer. Walter seeks out bold new ways to edge out the competition and distinguish his product to the people. Breaking Bad is awash with themes and symbols, in the first season, one often employs the color yellow to hint threats and dangers: from yellow mustard stain, to bright yellow vehicles, to broken yellow plates. At key moments throughout the Season one, Walter’s expertise in chemistry offers insight into his changing and troubled excuse for a psyche. In the plot episode, Walter’s chemistry class out lines the theme of this own metamorphosis, stating “Growth, then decay, then transformation.” Beneath its crime drama exterior, Breaking bad is a critique of a struggling American healthcare and economic systems. Throughout the first season, Jess attempts to achieve societal legitimacy but he finds himself routinely marginalized by everyone from the men in suits to this own parents. That gives him no choice to stick to his strengths of dealing drugs.  Conversely, Walter appears the be living what many once naively dubbed the “American Dream.” But in fact, Walter can barely manage to bring home the bacon. Despite making all the socially acceptable moves, the American Dream has failed Walter too. Ironically, by taking such drastic measures to earn the money to tear his cancer, Walt effectively becomes a societal cancer. With each transaction, he gains energy for himself even as he participates in the deterioration of other human being. Is that the american dream? Or simply a waking nightmare?

Breaking bad no longer being aired but can be view in Netflix or Hulu.  The concept of Breaking bad is so very real that is grasps your attention within two minutes of the first episode you watch. Each episode can make you wanting more, and at the end of a season makes you question what will happen to Walter and Jesse. Watch as a simple Joe slowly turn into your neighborhood King Pin.