“The Quarterback”


Diana Garcia, Reporter


Drama, music, and romance, “Glee” shows it all. A high school teacher tries to save the glee club. He tries to recruit students a McKinley High School. he hopes to bring it back to life. It is a musical drama/ comedy. It shows teens going to singing Nationals and competing.


One of the main characters is Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), the teacher of the glee club. And then you have Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) a former student of Mr.Schuester. Then you have Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), she is set on making glee club kids lives miserable. Then Kurt Hummel ( Chris Colfer), Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), and Noah ‘Puck” Puckerman ( Mark Salling), also members of the former glee club.

Season 5 Episode 3

“The Quarter Back”

The show starts with the club singing and then features Kurt who talks about Finn’s death. It goes back to Lima, Ohio, where Sue plants a tree in Finn’s honor. Going to the Glee club room it shows Mercedes singing a song that Finn sang in the first season. The next scene shows Finn’s family packing up his room, reminiscing about times they had together.Kurt takes Finn’s varsity jacket. Back to the singing, Sam sings “Fire and Rain” dedicated to Finn. Sue tries to remove Finn’s shrine in front of his locker. Santana interferes and gets mad, she goes to confront Sue and pushes her.

Since Finn’s death, Emma tries to get Will to open up more about his feelings. Where as Puckerman gets drunk and goes off on Coach Beiste. He uses alcohol to cope with Finn’s death. Coach asks him to return the tree that he took. Santana sings “If I die young,” but she stops and has a break down. Kurt comforts and gives her the varsity sweater. Another song is sang by Puckerman. Santana apologizes to Sue, and Sue expresses how she feels about Finn’s death. Then Rachel appears, and sings “Make you feel my love,” dedicated to Finn. The varsity sweater got lost, so Santana puts up a “reward” as a trap to get the sweater back. Puckerman returns to tree. Rachel and Mr.Shue have a talk about feelings. Will goes home and bawls her eyes out.