The Show

The show Empire is an american musical t.v. series that debuted on fox 40. January 7, 2015  the series  was aired in Chicago even though the show is based in NYC with a lot of hip-hop music, and amazing entertainment. In this series the family fights for personal control of the company. This was created by Lee Daniels and Danny strong.

The Main Characters

Terrance Howard plays as Lucious Lyon part owner of empire and also the father of three boys. Taraji P. Henson the mother of three  boys plays Cookie Lyon, and she’s part owner of empire. Jessie Smollett a male who plays an Jamal Lyon an openly gay r&b artist. Bryshere Y. Gray plays as Hakeem Lyon an amazing artist of empire record label. Trai Byers plays Andre Lyon, and suffers from bipolar disorder. Kaitlin Doubleday play as Rhonda Lyons Andre Lyon’s wife. Grace Gealey plays as Anika Calhoon lucious lyon’s ex wife.

Character’s Interacting

Lucious Lyons treats his children Jamal, Hakeem, Andre like they aren’t family. Their mother Cookie tries to be the peace maker.


This great drama has a lot of episodes for everyone to watch. Season 2 episode 18 which is titled “Past Is Prologue.” Everyone getting ready for the ASA awards. Jamal and Freeda Gas were practicing their new song for Jamal’s Black & White album. Rhonda questioned Anika about the the shoes she was wearing the day she came to the nursery, she believed that Anika pushed her down the stairs while she was pregnant, which is how she lost her first child. Lucious asked Cookie to be his date to walk the red carpet,and he got her a beautiful diamond bracelet. Everyone was at the ASA’S , Jamal got shot by jumping in front of his father.

The Review

The show is very interesting there’s a whole of drama, and can see how a family is really supposed to be.

Actors/Actors and Producers

Terrence Howard

Taraji P. Henson

Jessie Smollett

Bryshere Y. Gray

Trai Byers

Kaitlin Doubleday

Grace Gealey


Lee Daniel

Danny Strong