Elizjhay Truitt, Reporter

The #1 show that should be viewed would have to be Awkward overall. This typical show is aired on MTV at 10:00 p.m. only shows  on Tuesday Nights.

Ashley Richards stars as the young teenage girl , Jenna Hamilton whom is irrelevant to many in the show. She is a troubled young girl from the show “Awkward” herself a fictional character from a teen comedy show. Even has her own blog and writes basically whatever goes on in her life just as a diary.

Not too many shows involve comedy especially with young adults, throughout the show she becomes intimate with the star Beau Mirchoff who’s playing as (Matty) who eventually end up becoming a couple.Yet before making things “exclusive” the two were secretly interacting with one another.

The show is more interesting as it seems which is hilarious.Informing the language is inappropriate well known as a sitcom itself. Mostly bringing  laughter to viewers and excitement for many as well.

The most recent episode had involved inappropriate content , Jenna was constantly apologizing for posting a blog about how Matty and her relationship went down hill. Unfortunately , he wasn’t accepting the apology unless she took down the blog. leaving her to repeatedly curse from him not accepting her apology, Apparently which didn’t end up happening.

“Awkward” is certainly a popular show for many young teenagers.Who enjoy watching the show late night Tuesday’s with no problem.