Pretty Little Liars


Ysabelle Adame, Managing Editor

51HUzp2YscLDrama, lies, murder, blackmail, romance, and mystery, “Pretty Little Liars” is a show about five 16 year old teen best friends. Alison, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. Spencer had a slumber party for the five of them in her families barn in her backyard. When they all fell asleep, the “Queen Bee” Alison went missing that same night. Aria and Spencer heard her scream and woke up. Spencer went outside and tired to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Alison went missing for one year.

“Pretty Little Liars” premiered on ABC family which is now called “Freeform”, network on March 21, 2011. Sara Shepard is the author of “Pretty Little Liars”. “Pretty Little Liars” has seven seasons but is on break and will return in April. This was announced to be the last season of the show. All the fans including me are excited to see what Sara Shepard has in stored for us.

The major characters are Alison, Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna. These girls are the five best friends who everyone wanted to be friends with. They were popular, pretty, smart, but most of all friends with Alison, the prettiest girl in the whole school. Alison tall, beautiful, smart, rich, perfect skin and beautiful blonde hair. Aria short brunet with pink stripes in her hair, she writes and is beautiful. Emily tall, perfect skin tone tanned just right, swimmer perfect smile. Spencer smart, rich, tall, skinny, preppy style, steals all her sisters boyfriends. Hanna, perfect height, long blonde hair, pretty rich girl style and a shoplifter.

pretty-little-liars-3Torian Bellisario

Supporting characters

The supporting characters are the girls family members and boyfriends. Alison is the youngest and has a older brother named Jason and he is also mysterious. The police suspected him first to his younger sisters murder. Alison’s parents weren’t always around. Aria has a younger brother named Mike he’s athletic and gets along with Aria well. Aria’s dad had an affair that only she knew about and her mother was completely clueless. Emily was the only child her parents were always together till one day her dad got drafted. Spencer has a older sister named Melisa she was always jealous of Spencer because she was the pretty one. Spencer’s parents are both lawyers and were always working. Hanna was also the only child her parent had split up when she was 14. Hanna’s mother worked is the police offices and worked on cases. Hanna also had a boyfriend named Celeb.


Why to watch

Why should you watch this show? Why, is because you just should this show will never disappoint you it will always have you on the edge of your seat. Pretty Little Liars is so exciting and dramatic, normally I don’t like dramatic but this show is the best. Pretty Little Liars also has romance, thriller, and funny moments.  Courtney Lindy Said ” Pretty Little Liars show ” is to show you the importance of friendship, to demonstrate how the truth always wins, to remind you that things are never what they seem to prove that people can change, and that things are always in flux.” Which by just reading that makes you want to watch every episode of Pretty Little Liars.

The writers know how to keep us coming back week after week. Part of that has to do with the creepiness of PLL. (Seriously, do not watch alone at night in your bed.) But it is mostly because we still don’t know who “A” is–and we want to find out who is behind all of the antics going on in Rosewood. So, we will keep on watching until the series finale when that person is (hopefully) truly revealed once and for all. As long as it doesn’t end with a “B” texting the girls. Unless of course, that B is Blair Waldorf and then we can just go ahead and say PLL is THE GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME.

— Sarah Alderman