Law & Order: SVU

Special Victims Unit Series

De Zainae Roberts, Reporter

The Show

Law & Order SVU follows the NYPD’s detectives of the Special Victims Unit as they solve cases dealing with sexually-based offenses. This show is drama-filled, action packed, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.The show takes place in New York City where it is mainly produced. The 1986 case against Robert Chambers, where he strangled his girlfriend to death during intercourse, inspired Dick Wolf in 1999 to write the first episode of SVU.  From there more episodes were created and the show is now on its 17th season with 386 episodes. The show is aired on NBC and is streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and itunes.

The Main Characters

Christopher Meloni plays the short-tempered and aggressive detective Elliot Stabler. Mariska Hargitay plays strong-willed and Stabler’s partner detective Olivia Benson. These two detectives are used to solve case more over the other detectives like Ice-T’s character Odafin Tutuola and Richard Belzer’s character John Munch. Sonya Paxton, played by Christine Lahti, is the Executive Assistant District Attorney. She is strict and makes sure everything is followed by the book.  Dann Florek plays Captain Donald Cragen.

Character’s Interacting

The producers of the show mix minor and main characters in every episode. Since it is a detective show minor characters are introduced mainly as suspects, victims, and family members. When minor characters are introduced as family members they can related to the victim or to the staff. For instance Detective Elliot Stabler’s children appeared in occasional episodes making them a minor character. His kids were Maureen, Richard, Elliot Jr, and Elizabeth Stabler. They were played by Erin Broderick, Jeffrey Scaperrotta, played by various babies, and Patricia Cook.


The show has many episodes for someone to watch. Season 12 episode nine which is titled “Gray” is a good episode. In this episode detectives Benson and Stabler set out to solve the rape case against Chuck Mills played by Charlie Barnett .They later find out they are dealing with a murder case. The suspect and victims all attended the same college. They detectives visited the dean’s office to find out more about the case. However it was a he said she said case. They then find out that he had a pregnant girl named Carla Vincent, Gwynneth Bensen, who just lost the baby. They head out to investigate her and learn that she miscarriaged the day Chuck came over to “rock her world” during intercourse. She said he used a “love potion”. Detectives lured Chuck to Carla’s dorm to get a sample of the “potion”. Once they did they learned what was in it the confirmed that killed the baby. Detectives toke it court where the judge dismissed the case for lack of a witness. The witness was Carla and she didn’t show up in court because she was found dead in her bathroom. She died as a side effect to the drug which is toxic when applied directly to the utterus.The detectives arrest Chuck Mills again where he is charged with manslaughter second degree.

The Review

The show has twist and turns that keeps the reader’s attention like on ” Gray” where the case goes from a lack of evidence rape case to the death of two people. Whether you enjoy crime-solving shows or not, you will love what the show has to offer. It protrays the Justice system as caring and law following. The show narrows down on the Special Victims Unit detectives and show how they solve rape related crimes no matter what it takes. So grab some popcorn, sit in your favorite spot, and prepare to indulged in this drama-filled 60 minute show. You won’t be able to get up.

Actors/Actresses and Producers

  • Dick Wolf, producer
  • Christopher Meloni, actor
  • Mariska Hargitay, actress
  • Ice-T, actor
  • Dann Florek, actor
  • Richard Belzer, actor
  • B.D Wong, actor
  • Tamara Tunie, actress
  • Adam Beach, actor
  • Erin Broderick, actress
  • Allison Siko, actress
  • Jeffery Scaperrotta, actor

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