Get in Get out at IN-N-Out

Romero Fields , Reporter

If your looking the best look no more because In-N-Out burgers are here for sure! In-N-Out burger is a little 1950 themed restaurant that mainly sells burgers fries and shakes. This is one of the oldest burger franchises in the United States. The food at In-N-Out is very adequate and is affordable to the community. There are many people who like this food but there are some who don’t.

its affordable and very delicious ”

— Jamal Fullard

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In-N-Out burger has great burgers ,good fries ,and awesome shakes the link and see what delicious items in-N-Out has to offer.

In-N-Out is a regional chained restaurant only found across the west coast and the american southwest. This incredible restaurant was founded by Harry Snyder of Vancouver Canada and his wife Esther Snyder. The first In-N-out to be established was in 1948 in Baldwin Park,California. In-N-Out started as a small burger stand with a drive thru later after big investments it became the restaurant that we know and love. By the 1980s in n out had spread across the whole state of California.

When you go to In-N-Out the main thing you will see is palm trees but the most famous food is the double-double. The Double-Double is not like any ordinary double cheese burger its bigger better and tastier. This heavenly burger is a combination of toasted bread, two 100% beef patties, 2 slices of tomatoes,2 slices of 100% cheese, and the secret ingredient spread unchanged since 1948.You can also get a regular hamburger if you are not starving but you need a snack because it will satisfy your hunger as well.

I love the Double-Double with a pink lemon-aid ”

— Guadalupe corona

The second most famous food item is the animal style fries or burger. Adding animal style to your food is just like adding extra life to a dead soul. Animal style is extra sauce and chopped grilled onions mixed in with cheese. It is super good and it only cost a extra dollar to make your day.

When you go into In-N-Out you will notice the good atmosphere of kind employees and kind customer service. You will notice that the store is only red and white. One of the main logos will be all around the restaurant the famous palm tree. The palm tree represents how the restaurant  is meant for the west coast. When you order your food you will also notice that the employees work super hard as a team. Also they all are well respected people.

I like How the employees are respectful and Kind ”

— Brian Jarett

How you be when your mom buys you In- N-Out

I suggest you should eat at this place because the food is great.The employees are kind and well respected. Its a clean restaurant no germs in sight. The decor is amazing,and you would love the preppy way things get done.You should come because this is a all around great place to eat.