Eddies Pizza Cafe, Yummy Pizza!

Guadalupe Corona, Reporter


I honestly love their Hawaiian Pizza, I like to add extra ham to it, you can never go wrong with this choice!

— Sam Moore

The Various Foods Eddies Pizza Offers

Eddies Pizza Cafe offers various foods such as pizza, pizza bread, bread twists, wings, lasagna, potato wedges, salads, and many other good foods. It is a little pricey but just like the old saying “you get what you pay for.” So I can definitely say it’s worth it!

He Wanted the Best for his Restaurant 

About 38 years ago, a man named George Badway bought a parcel of property on El Dorado Street at Charter Way, before he decided to turn it into “Eddies Pizza Cafe,” it was an eatery/ truck shop. When he bought the place he practically didn’t want to operate the place, although being the owner of it. Years later, he decided to sell this Eddies along with 2 other Eddies locations to a man named Victor Esaloo. Victor continued to operate the restaurants the same way, also by keeping the same employees.

Their Delicious Pizza

The main food item is of course their delicious,  pizzas. I always get a Pepperoni pizza topped with Olives, Ham, and Extra Sauce. It’s very hot and smells very delicious, with the aroma of the sauce. The biggest pizza their is the “Big Ed,” which is $61.75 and has an additional charge of .50 cents for any extra toppings.  Of course they also serve meal deals for individuals, or family. So if you’re ever in the mood for some Eddies make sure to get meal deal #1, which is a personal 2 topping pizza with a salad and small drink for only $7.95!

The Delicious Appetizers 

The bread twists are mighty delicious! Served with sauce on the side in a small cup. Each order comes with three big bread twists. They are topped with sprinkles of salt, very hot and soft to the bite. It’s on the lunch special which comes with soup and salad, for only $8.45. An all time favorite is also the buffalo wings, yummy! They’re $8.65 for a 12 piece serving of wings.

I love getting the Buffalo Wings, so hot and spicy. Just the way I like them, mmmm!!!

— Juan Corona

The Restaurant and it’s Employees

The decor isn’t all that fancy, it’s more of a classic theme, but they sure do have delicious food. Also, their is another room right next to Eddies Pizza which has a few pool tables, bar, and stereo to play music. It’s a very chill place, nice to just go and hangout with friends. The service their is so good, greeted very nicely and the employees are very respectful.

Eddies Pizza Is the Right Choice!

I highly recommend Eddies Pizza, it sure is the best pizza in town! With fresh, tasty pizza. With all the toppings they have to offer go add all the toppings to you’re pizza that you’d like!

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