Comfort Food at Its Best

Oshanay Roberts, Reporter

There’s Nothing Like a Home Cooked Meal

If you are craving a delicious home cooked meal, lasagna is the perfect choice. It is a rich, hearty meal drenched in tomato sauce and cheese. It will give you a warm and comfortable feeling inside especially if you are enjoying it with family and friends.

I have always enjoyed lasagna. It gives me a sense of home.

— Thomiyah Price

Background on the Dish

One word: Italian. The dish that we know and love originated in Naples, Italy during the Middle Ages. It was inspired by the Ancient Greeks who created a similar pasta dish. Italy’s version now features high quality cheeses, meats, or vegetables.

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are rather traditional and simple; lasagna noodles, pasta sauce, ground beef, and cheese. The sauce is the”wow” factor because it is not store bought. It is the product of tomato sauce, tomato paste, and a special blend of seasonings that make it especially flavorful.

Side Dishes

The star of this meal is the lasagna, but pairing it with garlic bread or a Caesar salad makes it even more mouthwatering. Who doesn’t love garlic bread?


I enjoyed this meal at my home in Stockton, California. The dining room in my home is decorated with various paintings and a vase containing colorful flowers rests in the middle of the table. The marble table is adorned with silverware at each place setting. The chandelier in the room gives off just the right amount of light to create a relaxing aura.

Must Have

Lasagna is a dish that is hands down the perfect comfort food. It is cheesy, delicious, and extremely simple to make.

Lasagna is my favorite Italian dish. When I go out to an Italian restaurant, it’s what I usually order.

— Sydnee Henderson

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