You won’t stop laughing at The Office

Tony Arteaga, Reporter

The Show

“The Office” is a sitcom based on the American office. The show represents how the American office is portrayed. It is a comedy showing the lives and the problems the American office workers live through. There are office romances, adventures and lots of other fun and shenanigans. I really love the office, it is a great show with lots of laughs and fun. If you are having a bad day just watch the office.

Main Characters

Micheal Scott(Steve Carell) the in-concomitant boss looking to be his employees friends instead of their boss with how unsuccessful attempt to be funny. Dwight Schrute(Rainn Wilson) is what you may consider the office oddball, he is very successful and loyal to Dunder Miffln, but is also the target to many of Jim’s pranks. Jim Halpert(John Krasinski) is the likable easy to talk to cool guy in the office, but for many years has a crush on the receptionist Pam and later on marries her. Pam Beesly(Jenna Fischer) is the sweet but shy receptionist always having to do things for her boss Micheal, she is engaged to a warehouse worker named Roy but ends up calling off her wedding to be with her true love Jim. Andy Bernard(Ed Helms) although a very nice guy in the office when he is pushed too far he punches the wall. He has anger issues and is sent to anger management, he is engaged to Angela but she cheats on his with Dwight , and later becomes regional manager. Stanley Hudson(Leslie David Baker) is the office grump and the only thing he wants to do is leave early and retire, he has a heart attack due to stress and the stress is caused by his boss Micheal. Oscar Martinez(Oscar Nunez) is a very smart accountant and a fine grade employee, he is always explaining things to his boss Micheal. And later the office finds out he’s gay.

Minor Characters

Although minor characters don’t have a lot of lines in the show they are key to the story line. Some of the minor characters are Ryan(B.J. Novak), Kevin Malone(Brian Baumgartner), Kelly Kapoor(Mindy Kaling), Erin Hannon(Ellie Kemper), Angela Martin(Angela Kinsey), Phyllis Vance(Phyllis Smith). They may be minor characters but they bring this show to life with their own different personalities.

Season 1-Episode 2-Diversity Day

On the episode “Diversity Day” corporate sent someone to do diversity training at the Scranton branch. Micheal didn’t really agree with his teaching methods and kept interrupting his meeting. After the meeting they had to sign a paper and hand it in, then the man from the training session went into Micheal’s office and talked to him that the reason he came down was because of the racist joke he made the other day and that he was the most important signature he needed and the only reason he gave everyone else one was to not make him feel bad. So Micheal called every one in the conference room for “real” diversity training. He made everyone take a flash card and place it on their forehead and the flashcard said a race. He said that treat everyone like the race on their forehead, so everyone started walking around and treating each other like the race on their forehead. Everything was fine until Micheal pushed it too far, the Indian employee Kelly Kapoor walked in and he started doing a very racist Indian stereotype to her until she slapped him.

Why It’s The Best

The Office is a great show, every episode is guaranteed to have you laughing the whole time. Many people can relate to this show and to the things the characters have to go through. Other than being funny whenever you watch “The Office” you just have a good feeling and you grow so close to the characters, and more and more to the show its self. This is a great show and you should seriously consider watching it.


I really recommend for you to watch The Office. Its a very great show. It comes out on Netflix the entire series and its is very convenient with no commercials.

And I feel god in this Chili’s tonight.

— Pam Beesly