Welcome To the Hotel Cortez

Romero Fields , Reprter

 The Show

American Horror Story is a dramatic-thriller on FX that premiered on October 5, 2011. This show is an anthology of horror in which the characters and the plot changes,but not the actors. This show is a good show to watch when you want or enjoy to watch something Horrific or Scary with a little humane drama.

Main Characters

In the show american horror story season five Lady Gaga plays a Countess (the wife or widow of a count or earl). She owns the Hotel Cortez after her husband killed himself. She also suffers from a blood disease that gives eternal youth but at a cost. Even Peters plays the Countess Husband. His Ghost haunts the hotel in the show. He is also a deranged killer who kills for fun. Angela Basset plays Ramona Royale the Countess’s Ex lover who seeks revenge for killing her boyfriend. She also has the same blood disease as The Countess. Wes Bentley plays a Homicide Detective that moves to the Hotel Cortez because he is having trouble with his wife. While he is there he starts to notice something fishy.

Side Characters

Kathy Bates plays Iris the hotel clerk and The Countess’s assistant. Mat Bomer plays Donovan the Countess’s current lover. He is also Iris’s son. He also was given the blood disease by The Countess. Dennis O’Hare plays Liz Taylor The Countess’s experiment. He is a cross dresser that does not know what he wants. He is confused of being a man or a woman. Sarah Paulson is anther ghost that haunts the Hotel Cortez she is also in love with Wes Bentley.

Season 5-Episode 1

In the First episode of the fifth Wes Bentley is at a crime scene viewing a horrific murder in which a mans eyes and tongue are in an ash tray, but he is still alive but he is attached to a lady that is dead. Later on, Wes Bentley is called by the killer claiming he is at the Hotel Cortez room 64. He arrives at the hotel to find nothing. Then he goes home and him and his wife started fighting about there son who was abducted at a pier in 2010. Finally his wife decided to kick him out and he got a room at the Hotel Cortez. 

I thought you were attached to darkness, but you are the darkness ”

— Chloe sevigny


In the show “American Horror Story Hotel” there are a lot of dramatic scenes in which jump scares are in place and long conversations are active. This show is not just about murder and scary things there are more dramatic scenes and conversations to it if you cant watch those conversations then you will not be able to understand the show.

Join The Hotel

If you like murder, drama, and scary things this is the show for you! This show is a great show to watch if you are in need of something scary. If you ever want to watch this show go on the FX TV network on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. to watch past season go to www.netflix.com.