Wait what? Oh so that’s not how you met their mother.

Jabier Anaya, Reporter

The Show-

Set in New York City ”How I Met Your Mother ” is a show of adventures  that a hopeless romantic and his four best friends share. Set in 2005 New York, the story is actually being told in the distant future of 2030 where the main character is recounting to his children through flashbacks the story of how he met their mother.
The ”How I Met Your Mother ” series,created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, originally aired on the CBS network on September 19, 2005, to March 31, 2014 producing a total of 9 seasons with about 208 episodes in total.

The major characters-

Ted Mosby(Josh Radnor) a hopeless romantic living in a New York with his best friends, since college,  Marshall Eriksen(Jason Segel) and Lily Aldrin(Alyson Hannigan) become engaged after 9 years of dating one another leaving him feeling alone. If it weren’t difficult enough for the poor sap, his quest to find the perfect woman was left in the hands of his womanizing friend Barney Stinson(Neil Patrick Harris). Soon after his best friend’s engagement, Ted believed his new partner in life would be TV reporter Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders).

Supporting Persons-

If it weren’t for Ted’s son(David Henrie) and daughter(Lyndsy Fonseca) the story wouldn’t be taking place to begin with, so they are the focus as to why the story is being told in the first place. Giving the future Ted a reason to recount the stories of his younger adventurous years with his best friends. However one cannot simply forget the smaller characters that were there since the beginning like the bartender Carl(Joe Nieves) and the gangs main taxi/limo driver Ranjit(Marshall Manesh).

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Episode 1 – The Pilot

In the series premiere a much older Ted Mosby sits down with his children stating that he will tell them the story of how he met their mother. It all begins with Ted and Marshall planning out how Marhsall will propose to Lily. Future Ted then references the fact that his best friends were embarking on this life long journey, rather Marshall was taking the biggest step in his life, and how he(Ted) is calling up Barney. Barney begins with a rather strange way to say hi,  meanwhile Ted then states that he wants to hang, so Barney then uses one of his more soon to be popular lines ”Suit Up!” with an exuberant tone of voice telling Ted to meet at MacLaren’s bar( a.k.a McGee’s Pub in real life). At the bar we meet Carl, the local bartender who often times gives advice to the lively few, alongside him we also meet Carl’s girlfriend Yasmin(Saba Homayoon) with whom exchanges conversation with our Mr. Ted Mosby. Ted, unknowingly, asks Yasmin if she would like to go out, but of course she explains that Carl was her boyfriend. At the same time that this is all occurring, the lively couple, Marshall and Lily, are exchanging conversation about their days, Marshall with a plan in mind asks Lily to open a bottle of champagne but she refused stating that he’s too old to be scare of opening one himself. As Ted is asking Yasmin the date question, at the same time Marshall proposes to Lily, her tone of voice being clearly happy and excited when she states,”Of course you idiot!” and then tackles him. Back at the bar with our two companions Ted and Barney, this is where we meet our lovely male counterpart, Robin, who Ted then states to Barney that he will marry her. Of course as the episode progresses we then see this is not the case as the episode ends with Ted stating that..that was the story of how he met their aunt Robin.

“While it may only be a 20 minute show, it can take up a lot of your time. Only one, no such thing.”

Jabier Anaya


While this may be like other shows with the guy getting the girl of his dreams who we meet in the first few episodes, the main character doesn’t actually start that way and so we’re left with a feeling of compelling need to want more to know more. The series begins with meeting the gang who we’ll get to know as the show progresses, along with the few interesting characters along the way. Much like the show ”Friends” the group spends their time in an apartment but unlike the show they spend their other times in a bar where fun adventures always begin. In fact, this story is loosely based off the creators own life experiences in New York when they were young and doing ”stupid stuff”

Premiering in 2005, the show’s creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays were inspired to "write about our friends and the stupid stuff we did in New York.” - The fictional MacLaren's was inspired by McGee’s Pub on West 55th Street.
Premiering in 2005, the show’s creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays were inspired to “write about our friends and the stupid stuff we did in New York.” – The fictional MacLaren’s was inspired by McGee’s Pub on West 55th Street.

Watch it!-

While I understand that this may not be the type of show that everyone would enjoy, I highly suggest to check it out because of how enjoyable it Can be. Watching it online is only better because of the no commercials thus making the experience even more so pleasurable. Be warned, with their short time frames of about 20 minutes per episode and it’s intriguing content, one could easily spend hours watching episode upon episode….Why are you still here..go watch it!