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Ashley Vazquez, reporter

New Girl Commences

New girl originally aired on September 20, 2011. It is a continuing show that has had five seasons. This show about a young woman in her late twenties or early thirties that has three male roommates. After a harsh break-up, Jess Day, the main character, finds herself living in an apartment with the single men who quickly turn to be her best friends. Together, they awkwardly help each other solve their problems as they are very supportive friends. What starts off as awkward strangers soon turns into four best friends. New girl is a comedic show that has its viewers hooked.

New Girl cast
New Girl cast

The Cast

Zooey Deschanel plays Jessica Day, an awkward teacher that tries to always keep people happy. Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller, a college drop out who is too lazy to do anything. He dropped out of school and conformed himself with being a bartender at a restaurant. Max Greenfield, or Schmit, is a character that believes women are privileged to be with him. His world revolves around trying to get women’s attention, his successful career, and of course, his four friends. Lamorne Morris plays Winston Bishop, a very competitive person. He is always happy and always trying to be the best at everything. Very commonly, he makes bets with his roommates -though they don’t always end up as good of an idea as intended. Hanna Simone plays Cece Parekh, Jess’ best friend and a model. She always has Jess’ back and because of that, is always somehow caught up in the troubles of the crew.

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Supporting Characters

This show of course, cannot be complete without its supporting actors. Coach, (Damon Wayans Jr.). Coach drops by from time to time to visit his old friends. Together, they live through new adventures and laughs. Coach never fails to motivate his friends and others to accomplish goals as he was once a coach.

A Taste of the Show

Jess, Nick, and Schmidt confront Jess' ex-boyfriend
Jess, Nick, and Schmidt confront Jess’ ex-boyfriend

The episode “Kryptonite” (season 1 – Episode 2) is a perfect example of how this friendship both started and how it is. In this episode, Jess accidentally breaks Nick’s television. This of course, is a big problem to him because he has been hooked on his television all day. Because of this, he asks Jess so confront his ex-boyfriend and get her belongings (including her television) out of his apartment. After finally convincing her, Jess and her three roommates find themselves in her ex’s front lawn wearing silly hats as she confronts her ex. With the help of her new friends, she gets her belongings back and they successfully leave. This triumph ultimately sealed the new girl’s friendship with the men.

What Stands Out

This show is uncommon to others. It has a unique story line and is often very awkward. Because Jess Day, or Zooey Deschanel, is very free and unique, she has the attention and love from the audience. Her friends, are not quite the smarts peas in a pod. They always make bets, or somehow get themselves caught up into trouble. Out of the three men, it’s Jess to the rescue as she is the most responsible. This show is also captivating because it is a show about adults. Unlike other shows, it has an inside look of the lives of teachers, business men, and college drops-outs living in Los Angeles.

Why Watch New Girl

New Girl is an enjoyable show. It can make people laugh and enjoy their friends. Watching the crew of five get in problems and in the end help each other out is relatable to many people. Because of this, this show can captivate many people and make them fall in love with the friendship of the characters. Not only this, but because this show is only 30 minutes long, it is a fun watch that won’t take up all your day.

Jess Day Awkwardly Celebrating
Jess Day Awkwardly Celebrating

I watch New Girl because it’s modern and funny

— Samantha Vazquez