Oshanay Roberts, Reporter

The Show

Blindspot, a thrilling new TV series originally airing on September 21, 2015, centers around a woman with no memory of her past, a head full of questions, and a body covered in tattoos . “Jane Doe” must figure out who she is and who she can really trust. The FBI ran a fingerprint check and facial recognition scan on Doe, however no results were found. It is as if she never existed. Each mysterious tattoo correlates to a major crime that has yet to be solved by the FBI. Doe could be the answer to all of the FBI’s questions if they could decode the writing and symbols that are inked on her body.

Major Characters

“Jane Doe” later found out to be Taylor Shaw (Jaimie Alexander) is suffering from amnesia. Shaw was found inside a duffel bag in Times Square with intricate tattoos covering her body. One of the most question inducing tattoos is the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) located on Doe’s back. The link between the two, is far deeper than anyone could have ever expected.

Supporting Characters

Psychologist Dr. Borden (Ukweli Roach) helps Shaw understand the bits and pieces of her memory that are left. Kurt Weller’s sister Sarah (Jordana Spiro) also offers support with small kind gestures like inviting Shaw to dinner.

Season 1 Episode 6- “Cede Your Soul”

The title of each Blindspot episode is an anagram. For example “Cede Your Soul” can be translated into “Cloud Our Eyes”. In this episode a government vehicle is targeted by a terrorist group. This is just one of many attacks on government officials. It is later found out that an illegal app called Trakster is allowing the terrorists to pinpoint the location of government vehicles. The app was created by a 17 year old hacker named Ana who was conned into believing that the tracking software was going to be used by the National Security Agency (NSA). The logo for the app, a horned owl, is tattooed on Shaw’s leg. The FBI unit tracked Ana down and enlisted her help in finding the man, Shawn Palmer, who now had possession of the software. Using their keen intelligence and technical skills, the team tricks Palmer into leaving his safehouse and are able to shutdown the technology. Ana is given no jail time because of her cooperation with the FBI. Shaw empathizes with Ana because she is also alone in the world. Shaw knows how it feels to have nothing to live for but work and so she offers her friendship to Ana, much to the dismay of agent Weller. Weller doesn’t think that it is the best idea to be emotionally involved with someone you’ve worked with, but Shaw begs to differ.

What Stands Out

Blindspot is full of plot twists that grab your attention and keep it.

Blindspot is addictive. I watch it every Monday night because I just have to find out what happens next.

— Sydnee Henderson

Why To Watch

This show is a must watch because it is action-packed and will leave you wanting more. There is an element of danger that is extremely enticing. If you give this show a chance, you just might become hooked. You can catch it on Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC or stream it on Hulu. You definitely won’t regret it.

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