Can Friends Be Your Friends?

Ethan Escutia, Reporter

We’re like very delicate china right now, and we’re speeding toward a brick wall.”

— Jennifer Aniston says as the show nears its ending.

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Friends” was a TV show that had showed on TV in the 90’s. It could have been watched on the channel, NBC. The first episode, “The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate”, came out on September 22, 1994 for everyone to watch and enjoy. “Friends” was a show that had consisted of romance and comedy.

The show is about the interesting lives of six friends who live in Manhattan, New York, three guys and three women. The show only had lasted a good 10 seasons and in that 10 seasons was 236 episodes to watch. Plus, if you pay attention the title of each episode, you’ll find something that I always thought was clever.

The Main Stars

The show had wonderful actors and actresses who played their part perfectly. Jennifer Aniston had played the funny and fashionable Rachel Green, whom I believe is the main character of the show. Rachel is a woman who is funny, exaggerative, and kind. She lives with her old high school friend, Monica. She’s always there for all her friends, always doing the right thing, but sometimes it takes her a while to think about doing the right thing. She tries hard to get whatever she wants. Everyday, Rachel is always doing something interesting. She is my favorite character of the show.

Next is Courteney Cox who plays the clean and bossy Monica Geller.  Monica is a cook who works for a very fancy and elegant restaurant. Her cooking skills are to perfection. Monica is just as funny as Rachel, but she does have some differences. Monica is a neat-freak who likes things to be clean and organized. Nothing can be out of place, but there is an episode where that isn’t true. She has to have everything done on time and perfect. She even pays her bills the moment they arrive. Monica is also competitive and that is really shown in an episode where Monica gets into a really competitive game of ping pong with Phoebe’s boyfriend, Mike.

Speaking of Phoebe who is played by Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe Buffay is like a spiritual person who is also deemed a great masseuse. Phoebe has had a tough life by losing her mother to suicide and losing her father, whom she later found again, and having to live on the streets for quite some time. But even though that has happened to her, she still manages to be a happy, colorful, and great character. She is definitely kind of weird and ditsy, but that’s what makes her awesome character.

Next is David Schwimmer who plays the smart yet kind of boring Ross Geller. Ross is Monica’s older brother and he’s always there for her and the others. Ross isn’t entirely boring, but there are some times when he is. Ross is paleontologist and has always been obsessed with dinosaurs, which is great. He’s a kind guy, almost dull. He’s always had a crush on Rachel since high school. SPOILER ALERT! Later as the show progresses on, he does get into a relationship with Rachel, but then they went on a “break.” If you know what I’m talking about, about their “break” , I do believe that they were on a break. Besides, SPOILER AGAIN, they do get back together.

Next is Matthew Perry who plays Chandler Bing. Chandler is Ross’ friend from college. Chandler’s character is sarcastic and just like the other friends he’s kind and sometimes funny. He’s there for his friends, mainly Joey, who he is with like all the time. Chandler’s life is interesting, maybe more than Phoebe’s. His dad had a sex change which did impact his life. Fortunately for him, Monica, SPOILER ALERT, who gets into a relationship with him, tells Chandler to go to Las Vegas to make amends with his dad. Their relationship does get fixed.

The last of the friends is Matt LeBlanc, who plays Joey Tribbiani, a womanizer and caring guy. Joey hits on every woman who he thinks is beautiful. He’ll even hit on Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. He’s not very smart, but he’s got it where it counts. Like all the rest, he’s a kind guy. Out of Chandler and Ross, Joey is the funniest.

The Not-So-Main Stars

One minor character is Gunther, played by James Michael Tyler. He works at Central Perk, a coffee shop all six friends can usually be found at,  and sometimes he talks to one of the friends and give them advice. That’s really all about what he does. Every one of the six friends has been a relationship with someone who has been on TV for some long time. For example, Janice, played by Maggie Wheeler, was one of Chandler’s old girlfriends and she sometimes showed up again. Monica and Ross’ parents are also minor characters. Jack Geller is played by Elliot Gould and Judy Geller is by Christina Pickles. They do show up often and do play important parts sometimes. They’re probably the most popular minor characters of the show. Phoebe does have a twin sister who sometimes shows up. She doesn’t really like Phoebe but does help her sometimes. She did help Phoebe with something that had to do with her mom. I consider the babies, SPOILER ALERT, that Monica and Chandler adopted to be minor characters. They show up at the last seasons and if the show had continued on then they probably would’ve been major characters. Since they’re babies and didn’t do anything, they’re minor. Plus, they actually are minors in real life.

Season 1: Episode 1

The first episode is called “The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate.” It begins with all five friends in Central Perk with Chandler telling them a weird dream he had. The sixth friend, Rachel, enters. She sees Monica and Monica introduces her to the others. Rachel tells them how she left her soon-to-be husband at the altar. Monica is going out this guy named Paul. Ross had realized that his wife is a lesbian and is sad because of that. Monica lets Rachel stay with her and Joey and Chandler help Ross try to set up furniture. They try to make him feel better. Monica breaks up with Paul and Rachel gets a job at Central Perk. Ross tells Rachel he’s always had a crush on her and asks her out on a date and she agrees to it. Because of that, Ross feels confident again.


Every episode of “Friends” is going to be funny. You are going to have a laugh here and there. It’ll be interesting that you’ll want to watch the next episode to find out what happens next. Sure, there will be some boring parts sometimes, but every TV show has a boring scene and even a boring episode. Still, it’s a show that’s worth watching. You can watch it on your free time.


Obviously, I do recommend the show “Friends”. I really do think that you should at least check it out. You’ll enjoy it. You don’t have to watch the first episode; you can watch any ol’ episode. It doesn’t matter. You’ll laugh at each episode. There’s so much about the show that you have to see. So now that you’re done reading this, go and watch any episode of “Friends”. Go and watch all the seasons!