Forced to take classes we dont want!

MORE CLASSES. Not everyone is a good musician.

John Vang, Reporter

Should CCHS add in more electives ?

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As a junior attending Cesar Chavez High School, having completed most core classes and achieving the required credits already, all that is needed is a couple more core classes and a couple of electives to end the year.

As a junior going on to be a senior next year, it is to be expected to have a relaxing last year. Taking fun electives to finish off the year. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Chavez highschool, does not offer enough electives. Atleast not enough diverse electives. It offers a vast amount of electives in the music department, but thats it. Some students arent as gifted and arent interested in music so these electives are basically a waste to them.

Chavez also offers SLC electives, but the problem with that is the student MUST be in that SLC to be able to sign up for that class. Also, the foreign language classes. Chavez only offers Spanish and French. It’d much appreciated if a more diverse language was also offered.

Without much to choose from, many students spend their last year taking classes they do not want to take. Such as, spanish, french, band, etc. They have to spend their last year in despair due to the classes they are forced to take. With this in mind, they put in zero effort into completing the class.

Adding in more electives would be very helpful to students because it will expose them to more topics and more career paths. It’ll grant students a better future!