Jelly Belly’s

Maria chavez, Reporter

Jelly beans are hard but chewy round candies. They’ve been around for many years but no one is really sure when or how they were created. Jelly beans come in different colors and several flavors and with the most strangest flavors you could imagine.

Some jelly beans smell very sweet or some smell disgusting but the flavor that smells the best is Hawaiian Punch. It has this sweet sugary tenderness  to it. It just smells delicious! and the most disgusting flavor that is possibly one of the worst out of all flavors is Skunk Spray. The flavor is unusual you would not think they’d actually make weird and odd flavors for us to snack on.

Hawaiian Punch has a sour sweet texture to it and a sugar coded shell.then, towards the end its very chewy and delicious. Jelly beans were used in the Civil War for soldiers. Jelly Beans were sold by color when they were invented.

I recommend Jelly beans only because they are pretty good and have the most oddest flavors you can think about.

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