Cultural Assembly at Chavez

John Vang, reporter

On April 22, 2015, Cesar Chavez High school held an assembly on the theme “Culture.” It was held during fourth period for classes that were selected to participate in it.  With the help of Student Government the assembly went by smoothly without much issues. Student Government organize and arrange many things to get the assembly to go smoothly.  This assembly was assembled to show the diverse cultures that Chavez has. Mariachi, Choir, Band, Cambodian, Laos, Hawaiian, etc.

The assembly first started off at the MC’s introducing themselves to the audience. Afterwards choir came out and sung the national anthem, followed by the Alma Mater. The singing was outstanding! Many dances came to follow after. Polynesian, Winter Guard, Cambodian/Laos dance, Drum line, and many more! The Polynesian dance consisted of mainly girls. Their dance routine was a group dance and then solos. Winter Guard was also amazing, with their flag tossing skills and coordination. They were smooth despite being short one person. The Cambodian/Laos dance was amazing! It is something new to the school and hyped up the audience. It was a slow dance following the song. Drum Line was really cool too. They set up really fast and performed amazingly. They were on point with their beats and their marching!

One act that was really amazing was the Cambodian/Laos dance. It was something new that the school has never done before. Most of the time the school only has the regular Mariachi, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, etc. Not much diversity…However, the introduction of the Cambodian/Laos dance brought out more diversity and showed the audience something new. Although most do not understand what the song is saying, just listening to the melody of it was calming and soothing. The performers were dressed in cultural clothes and danced with the music, following it perfectly.

Though it was an assembly for cultures, there were not many. The only new one was the Cambodian/Laos dance, other than that everything else was old and already seen many times before. The assembly lacked diversity, however it was fun to see all the talented performers perform. Nonetheless, the assembly was amazing.