McDonald’s is Not as Good as it Sounds

Looks can be deceiving…

Christian Aldrete, Reporter

A Big Mac meal from McDonald’s sounds appetizing, but is it as good as it sounds?

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McDonald’s signature sandwich, The Big Mac, was first introduced in Pittsburgh in 1967 and spread nationwide in 1968. The burger itself has 467 calories and an average of 1,130 calories with medium fries and soda.

The business began in 1940 and has become the world’s largest and most profitable fast food restaurant, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 different countries.

The Big Mac is handed out in a cubic cardboard box. Once opened, you automatically spot the sesame seed bun, and the excessive amount of lettuce sticking out of the burger. The burger had no aroma and was warm, not hot. The special sauce and onions were so overpowering that it might as well have well have been an onion sandwich with sauce. It’s possible that it’s the hamburger patty’s small stature is to blame, which doesn’t give it  enough room to stand out.

I prefer other places because, I don’t really like their burgers.

— Marco Aldrete

The Big Mac comes with an optional meal which includes fries and a drink. The fries are handed in a red holder with the McDonald’s logo on it. They appear golden and as if they were straight out of the fryers, but sadly they weren’t as good as they looked. The fries were colder than the actual burger and did not have enough seasoning. The drink was the savior of the meal, because it allowed me to get rid of the aftertaste.

The building was clean, no doubt about that. Every table was clear of trash. The overall atmosphere was good. Everyone was minding their own business and all you could hear were the employees calling out numbers.

In all honesty, McDonald’s is all talk with nothing to show for it. The burger, cold and unappetizing, because of the special sauce and onions. And the fries, a disappointment because they weren’t at the right temperature. In the end, this meal was nothing but a regret.