Bomb Burritos

Only the best served here!

Jordan Cramer, Reporter

Never before has a burrito been crafted to the expertise than that of one coming from a taco truck. The appeal of taco trucks is high in Stockton, so knowing the good from the bad can be a big difference when it comes to quality. Only when going to Edgar Hernadez’s taco truck will you find true respect for Mexican food.

Whenever I get my Burrito, I always find myself on Girardi Way for the best!”

— Elvin Rash, Junior, Communications Technology

With many independent taco trucks, the customers they bring in are abundant, and can normally be seen leaving happy with their food.

Loncheria Chapala can be located off of E. Hammer on Girardi Way, between the Nissan Dealership and Stockton Steel.

When trying the food, I ordered a Burrito Supreme with everything, costing me $5.50. With each bite, you get an abundance of flavors coming at you. The sourness from the lime, the juiciness from the meat, and the heat from the spiciness all tie together exquisitely.

Along with the food, of course, comes drinks. The taco truck usually sells Jarritos, flavored soda that comes in many flavors, or coke bottles as well. These can both be purchased for $1.50.

While there is no building, there is a small truck located on the side of the street. Inside is where the magic happens, making our food inside a small area. Both the cooking and the ordering is done in the same area. The truck itself is clean and tidy, making the place look well established.

When choosing a place to try new Mexican food, look no further than Girardi Way, where you’ll get quality food from the best! From the customer service to the quality, nothing beats Edgar Hernandez’s truck.

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