Jelly Beans Analysis

Trader Joe's Jelly Beans Jordane Stemen
Recently, I tried Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly beans. These jelly beans have all natural flavors. Some jelly beans can have the tastes of different types of fruit and others can have a taste of different kinds of vegetables.

There was nine of them. There was one green jelly bean, green apple, one light blue jelly bean, blueberry, one orange jelly bean, mango, two red with yellow spots jelly bean, pomegranate, two pink with red spots, strawberry smoothie, and lastly, A dark pink jelly bean, raspberry.

They all had different natural flavored tastes to them. Also they all smelled the same to what type of jelly bean they were. Apple smelled like apple, blueberry smelled like blueberry, mango smelled like mango. They all had there own smell that smelled the same to there jelly bean.

The raspberry jelly bean tasted great, it had a good texture to it and I would recommend this jelly bean to anyone who wanted to try it.

The strawberry smoothie jelly bean tasted good at first but when you start chewing it, the taste doesn’t become as pleasant as it did at first.

The pomegranate jelly bean tasted ok, it wasn’t the best but i would still eat it. It kind of has a sour texture to it but only a little bit, not to much.

The mango jelly bean didn’t taste good at all. Mango doesn’t really appeal to my taste buds but if you like mango, I would recommend this to you because it tastes exactly like mango.

The blueberry jelly bean tasted good, it had a very sweet texture.

Lastly, the green apple jelly bean tasted the best. It had a great taste and also tasted the way I thought it would. I would also recommend this jelly bean to anyone who wants to try it.