I Don’t Like You, Jelly Beans

Kristy Vang , Reporter

The Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans have 18 natural flavors with colors from fruit and vegetable sources. The shape of the jelly beans has the shape of a kidney, despite the fact that they’re not all red. The smell of the jelly beans was not as strong. However, the smell was able to spread, only when broken. The jelly beans feel smooth and soft on the outside, but the inside of the jelly beans are sticky and gooey, like a thicker hair gel. As I tasted the chewy texture, I can sense the smell and taste of the Jelly Beans.

PEOPLE ARE WRONG when they say “Jelly Beans bring a smile on your face.” The Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans have the worst flavors of all. I had to try 9 different natural flavors. As a result, I tasted coconut, apple, pink grapefruit, mango, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, and pomegranate. They were all HORRIBLE and DIGUSTING. The after taste was even worst. They were not yummy, but I was able to endure the nasty taste and swallow them. Still, I hated all of them. The worst taste of all things was MANGO. I could not bear the taste of MANGO jelly bean. I had to spit out the mango jelly bean.Although I love the mango fruit, I tend to hate mango juice, mango ice-cream, and mango candies.

I would not recommend Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans. However, it depends on the person. Some people may like the taste of these jelly beans with 18 natural flavors. Besides, I am very picky with the things I eat. But I still would not recommend Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans.

Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans have ZERO nutritional value, which is not appealing at all. There is 0g of total fat, 0g of saturated fat, 0g trans-fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 0mg of sodium, 37g of carbs, 0g Fiber, 30g of sugar, and 0g of protein. The serving size per packet is 37 pieces with four servings. Worst of all, there are no VITAMINS.

The Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans taste bad and the nutritional facts are horrible.

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