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Duyen Duong

The jelly bean is a semi-soft candy, shaped like a bean and generally fruit flavors. It has 18 difference colors. Each color has difference tastes and smells. The one with the color of cherry blossom pink smells like strawberry smoothie. The dark purple jelly bean smells like grape. The shade orange jelly bean smells like mango. The next one has bright pink color, it smells like cherry. And the last one has red pink color smells like strawberry. All of them taste sweet, soft and little bit sour except the cherry, the cherry taste like sugar.

5 difference kind of jelly beans
Duyen Duong
5 difference kinds of jelly beans

”Gourment Jelly Beans” is a kind of candy made in Irish countryside. It has 18 difference colors with difference tastes. The colors of these candies made from fruits and vegetables such as black currant, carrot and pumkin. There are 37 pieces in each bag.

The nutrition facts of The Jelly Beans
The nutrition facts of The Jelly Beans

Jelly beans can use to decorate cakes.┬áMany colors of jelly beans can makes the cakes look more beautiful. Kids will very like it if they can eat cakes and jelly beans at the same time. Jelly beans also can use to make fake pills for kids. Have you ever play the game doctor when you were a kid? These jelly beans will make kids feel like they’re a real doctor when they can give the medicines for their patients.

That’s so yummy”

— Diem Nguyen, senior, law and order

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