The Assembly was OK

Christian Aldrete, Reporter

The Multi-Cultural Assembly was held in the Cesar Chavez High School gym during fourth period on a Tuesday. The assembly revolved around different school clubs performing either choreography or songs based on specific cultures. Due to limited seating, only certain classes were allowed to attend.

All clubs performed in a certain order and they all presented us with a taste of what their group does on a daily basis.

  1. Show Choir
  2. Jazz Choir
  3. Dance Club
  4. Ballet Folkorico
  5. Mariachi
  6. Polynesian
  7. Cambodian/Laos
  8. Winter Guard
  9. Drum Line
  10. Jazz Band

The Drum Line consisted of xylophones and different sets of drums. There were about three people on this long xylophone, one person on a complete set of drums, another person on a piano, and another group of people with marching drums. They all performed in sync while the marching group did their choreography style marching.

The overall assembly OK. Some performances were better than others. Due to the fact that there were bad acoustics in the gym, the words from the performers could not be fully understood. There were too many people in the stands, because everyone was squished together. Even though the assembly provided some what of different culture, I`d still would have preferred to be in class because the environment would be more comfortable.

It was allright….

— Jesus Mendoza, senior in Engineering & Environmental Science