Spying Must Be Awesome!

Brenda Beltran, Reporter

The TV show, “Nikita”  was on air September 9, 2010, through December 27, 2013. “Nikita” was broadcast in the channel CW, every Thursday at 7 p.m. “Nikita” is part of the drama genre. “Nikita” only had about 4 seasons, when it was on air. Very interesting, with action show that will keep you on the television waiting for it to start.

Maggie Q is the main character of “Nikita Mears“. Upon with Shane West starring “Michael Bishop“, Melinda Clarke starring “Amanda“, Lyndsy Fonseca starring “Alex“, Ashton Holmes starring “Thom”, Tiffany Hines starring “Jaden”, Xander Berkeley starring “Percy”, Dillon Casey starring “Pierce”, Noah Bean starring “Fletcher”, Devon Sawa starring “Elliot”, and Aaron Stanford starring “Birkhoff“. Nikita is a good looking, women, that attracts other men’s and a very tough young lady. Michael has something for Nikita but hes also handsome looking men. Amanda is a person who will mainly do anything to get information from you and does make overs when you have a mission. Alex is a pretty young girl, who is the Division to help Nikita by giving her information. Thom is a very cute guy who loves Alex and helps others. Jaden is mainly an aggressive person by the way that she cannot improve. Percy is an older men who’s in charge of everything happening around. Pierce is the person who meets you and knows how you are. Fletcher is the person who gives out information for an organization to go down. Elliot is a young looking guy who does things for a good cause but if you mess with someone that is part of him, he will turn his back on you. Birkhoff is mainly a geek looking man, who’s considered to be a hacker and computer genius.

I Wish the show has never ended, it was so interesting!”

— Jorge Alcaraz, Junior, Engineering and Environmental Science.

Lyndie Greenwood starring “Sonya” is the minor character of . Upon with Peter Outerbridge (Tasarov), Rob Stewart (Roan), Cameron Daddo (Grayson), Michelle Nolden (Spencer), Alberta Watson (Madeline Pierce), Peter J. Lucas (Semak), and Thad Luckinbill (Colville). These people interact with the main characters by making the TV show more interesting by being part of their enemies of the main characters who want to ruin them throughout the show.

The television show is mainly about a women name Nikita who escaped from a secret government organization, “Division”. After she has been hiding for three years, she comes back and tries to bring down the organization. The reason for that is because they ruined her identity and they killed the person she loved, that soon he was going to her husband.

On season 1, episode 3 “Kill Jill”, Division agents frame journalist Jill Morelli for the murder of her editor, who she supposedly killed upon them. They did that because they wanted to prevent her to expose a plane crash that was organized by Division. Then there comes Nikita and rescue her, they work together to expose it. They contact the person who gave Jill the video, Michael ends up finding the house where Nikita, Jill, and Jill’s person. When the Division got to the house, they killed Jill’s person who had the video. Which Alex alerts the police secretly form the Division, that’s when Jill gets arrested while Nikita is fighting the Division agents. Jill got to expose and cleared out her name. While Micheal and Percy suspect Birkhoff is giving out information to Nikita from the Division. After, Birkhoff got interrogate by Amanda, they found out that he a tracker hidden in his teeth.

Overall, “Nikita” is a great television show that anyone will love to watch. The reason for that is because there’s a lot of action into it. That you will have your mouth open, with saliva coming out from the side. That later you will wish there was another season to it!