Family Guy is Outrageously Funny

Christian Aldrete, Reporter

If there is one cartoon that deserves attention, it’s Family Guy, seen Sundays at 9 p.m. on Fox 40. This show is unique, raunchy, and hilarious.

Creator Seth Macfarlane does the voice of the main character which is Peter Griffin, an alcoholic father who is mentally challenged and always gets himself and his family into wacky shenanigans. Macfarlane also does the voice of Brian and Stewie; Brian (who is a college drop-out and failed writer) being the family dog and Peter’s best friend, and Stewie (an infant set out for world domination and the death of his mother) being the youngest of the family.

Peter Griffin has three friends: Joe Swanson (a handicapped police officer who has a rocky marriage), Glen Quagmire (a womanizer who is in love with Peter’s wife), and Cleveland Brown (a spineless African American but is also the most honest).


— Eduardo Estrada, senior in Health

The show revolves mostly around Peter’s dysfunctional family going through everyday life as they criticize and make fun of real current events. It is safe to say that this show is one big satire political cartoon.

In the show’s pilot episode: Peter gets fired from his job at the “Happy Go Lucky” toy factory, because of sleeping on the job, as a result from all-night partying. Instead of telling his wife he got fired and had to go on welfare, he tells her he got a promotion. After he discovers the welfare company accidentally gave him $150,000, he blows it all on luxury items. After he gets arrested for fraud, Peter must defend his innocence and make his wife forgive him for lying.

“Family Guy” has been famous for its controversial comedy that has made its audience die of laughter for over ten years. It is a must see for all those who love comedy.