The Vampire Diaries


The show I decided to do is called “The Vampire Diaries”. It’s about a girl Elena who falls in love with a vampire and that soon changes everything in her life for better and for worse. It’s also about vampires obviously, witches, and werewolves. It shows how they all connect in a way  but a conflict always ends up happening.

The main characters are Elena Gilbert  played by Nina Dobrev, Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder, and Stefan Salvatore played by Paul Wesley. Elena is a girl who lost her parents in a tragic car accident later on she meets this new guy at school named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan Salvatore is a vampire who is looking for this girl that resembles his old love. Damon Salvatore is a troubled rebel who also is interested in seeing this girl who also happens to resemble the same girl he and his brother were in love with back in time.

Jeremy Gilbert is Elena’s younger brother who takes their parents death really hard and turns to drugs to ease his pain. Bonnie Bennett is one of Elena’s best friends who has no clue she is a witch until her grandmother points something out and then she starts noticing her powers for herself. Caroline Forbes is also Elena’s and Bonnie’s best friend she is a very bubbly person. Matt Donovan is Elena’s boyfriend who she grew up with. Tyler Lockwood is Matt’s best friend who doesn’t know he has a werewolf bloodline in his family and to trigger it he has to kill someone.

Elena and her brother Jeremy can’t come to grips with the fact that their parents have recently died and are both looked after by their aunt Jenna. Elena becomes emotionally withdrawn, while her brother turns to drugs. A mysterious new student Stefan Salvatore attracts Elena’s attention. Elena visits her parents grave and writes in her journal. She finds herself thinking about the new student and whats to know more about him.

I highly recommend this show because it is very interesting and exciting. You never know what could happen, it’s very thrilling in a way. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows.


Vampire Diaries is an amazing show to watch it makes me wish I was a vampire, I am forever in love with claus.”

— Cynthia Kristie Zaragoza CCHS Class Of 2015