The Best Show Ever

Alex Lopez, Entertain

Who thinks that regular show is awesome?

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I think its the a really funny show also.”

— servaughn

Its the best show ever. I love Regular Show. In my opinion, it’s the best show. It has talking animals. There’s a guy named Skips (Mark Hamill) he plays as a giant buff gorilla who is immortal and knows how to do everything. There’s Mordecai & Rigby (J.G. Quintel and William Salyer). Mordecai is a big blue bird & Rigby is a racoon. Benson (Sam Marin) he’s a gumball machine. There’s some other characters who aren’t really important but they appear and keep trying to mess with the main characters. They mess with them and try to get them in trouble. It’s so funny. The episode i watched was the Christmas Special and in that episode Mordecai’s dating C.J. and she goes to the bathroom and Mordecai’s ex was there and walked up to him and there was a flashback from when they were together and when it ended they were makingout. It was crazy.

In my opinion its the best show out there. Its just like a mixed emotion show. It has drama and a little bit of romance. It’s so funny. I think everyone should watchn it. In my opinion i think everybody would like the show. Like in one of the episodes Mordecai and Riggby was trying to help there boss Benson surprise his boss and they had to go pick up a cake. They went to go pick up the cake and they went to the prepaid line and some lady thought they were cutting and she went crazy on them. they left and while they were on there way home the lady that thought they cut started ramming into them. Oh and by the way, if you haven’t seen the show. Mordecai and Riggby drive a golf cart. The lady started ramming her and the cake fell off and a bunch of homeless people started eating the cake. I don’t know why but one of the homelss people had a phone and it rang, they answered the phone and they ran towards the street and they jumped into an all gold limo. It was weird, but its okay because Mordecai, Riggby, Eileen and C.J. made a new and better cake to surprise Mr.Mailord with. They ended up teleporting into the sky and falling next to Mr.Mailord and surprising him so bad that he has a hard attack. While he wa in the hospital he said that that was the best birthday surprise ever. Well thats all i have to say.