Full House is a very funny show about a family

Victor Villanueva

The show is called “Full House”. Full House is about a family of seven that go threw a lot and help each other go threw it. My opinion of the show is it’s funny and very entertaining. I also recommend people to watch it.

In the show there is really no main character. All the characters have a problem each day and they help each other no matter how bad it is or sad.

There is really two minor characters and that is Steve, D.J.’s boyfriend and Kimmy Gibbler is D.j.’s best friend so she has been coming around since she was small so she comes when she want’s and annoys everyone.

The show that i’m doing is about Jesse’s graduation and it all went bad fast. All this started when Jesse came home from school to see if he is going to graduate or not. So he came home sad and his wife looked to see how bad it was and turned out that he passed and was playing with everyone. The next day Jesse was going to graduate. The next day came and everyone was ready to leave and Jesse and his wife Rebecca left there twin boy’s with Kimmy to baby sit. They were going to take the underground train to go to the graduation because they all didn’t fit in the car. When they were half way there the