Faking it

Amanda Garcia , Reporter

The show faking it on MTV  is about to best friends that want to become popular so they become lesbians which makes them celebrity status. The people ship there relationship to hard. They are basically all the school talks about and they think it’s so romantic.

The cast is Amy raudentfeld is played by Rita Volk and she is one of the best friends. Karma Ashcoft is played by Katie Stevens she is the other best friend. They stick thought everything together even lying about being lesbians. They both work really well together as there two parts.

Liam booker is played by Gregg Sulkin and he and karma share something together. Lauren is played by Bailey she is Amy’s sister. Shane is played by Michael J Willet and he is the gay best friend of Liam and Karma. He is such a funny character.

In the very first episode Karma told everyone karma told everyone that her any Amy were lesbians. Amy didn’t want to but she just went along with it because Karma always wanted to be popular. Karma ended up meeting Liam and liking him then Liam fell for Karma. Later in the other episodes it got more complicated with the three.          

The best MTV show ever”

— Jazmin Garcia

There is 18 episodes. It aired on April 14, 2014. In the last episode of the season it didn’t work out Karma ended up telling everyone it was a lie. They had a lot of adventures till then.

I recommend this show to anyone to watch. Theirs so many things that happen in all there relationships. This show is good to watch whenever its really amusing. When i fist saw it i just kept on watching episode after episode.