Drake & Josh

Noah Martinez, Reporter

My favorite sitcom is Nickelodeons best Drake and Josh. The series debuted on January 11, 2004 and ended September 16, 2004. The premise of the show is two step-brothers of  opposite personalities. Drake Parker is popular and his brother Josh Nichols is unlucky and the show is surrounded by how they have misadventures, obstacles and handle teenage situations. This show is a funny family show.

Drake( Drake Bell ) is a popular, but immature musician who is idolized by people and gets girls with ease. Josh(Josh Peck) has poor luck with dating and popularity. Drake is always somehow with girls and friends while Josh is always working and is kind of lonely unless him and Drake are together.

Megan Parker the brothers sister is always trying to ruin the boys life and pull pranks on them. Yet when the boys try to tell their parents about the situation their parents just think shes a innocent little girl due to Megan’s such good acting skills. Drake and josh also have friends that come on the show every now and then, that are very nerdy which are Craig(Alec Medlock) and  Eric(Scott Halberstadt) who they hang out with sometimes.

In season 4 the first show from that season was about Josh’s birthday , but Drake forgets and sets up a party for a girl he knew, Drake realizes so he gets tickets for josh to see Oprah Winfrey, Josh’s idol and back stage passes. However when Josh exaggerates about parking a distance so they park near the entrance. Drake causes Josh to run into Oprah by them accidentally running her over. Then they go to the hospital to apologize but cant get past security so Drake tricks them into believing Josh has a virus which in return gets a chemical bath. In the end Drake through a party with a signature from Oprah and a new motor scooter. 

Drake & Josh was just so funny when I was a kid I wish they still showed it. ”

— Melissa Hewlett

Drake and Josh is Nickelodeons best sitcom because its funny and a family show. For instance, when the brothers were building a tree house and trapped themselves in the tree house due to their such stupidity and this can make the whole family laugh.

I recommend this show because it has great comedy and is very entertaining this can be watched by the whole family also. The comedy will have you and your family laughing so hard you’ll fall out of your chair.

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