Diff’rent Strokes

“Whatchu talkin bout Willis?”

The famous line said by a 12-year old Gary Coleman, captured the hearts of many viewers. From the humor to the heart-warming life lessons we still remember how a elite background father took on the role of a parent. download

“Diff’rent Strokes taught me how to open up to others and feel confident in my skin””

— Garianna Norwood

Phillip Drummond ,a widowed Manhattan millionaire and president of the mega-firm Trans Allied Inc. He  adopts two orphaned African American brothers from Harlem, 8-year-old Arnold and 12-year-old Willis. Drummond had made a promise to their dying mother, his housekeeper that he would cure for the boys after she passes on; their father had died earlier. The boys, whom Drummond always introduced as his two sons, went from rags to riches literally overnight. At first, Willis was a bit skeptical of their new-found wealth, but eventually, both he Arnold felt right at home in their new-found surroundings


Arnold Jackson: “Be careful with my goldfish.His name’s Abraham.”

Philip Drummond: “I’ve never seena black goldfish before.”

Arnold Jackson: “That’s okay. He never saw a rich white man before either.”


Conrad Bain…..Philip Drummond

Gary  Coleman…Arnold Jackson

Todd Bridges….Willis Jackson