The golden age of television starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York

Joshua Ebert, Reporter

Do you think television has evolved for the better in the past 50 years?

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“Bewitched was always somthing to look forward too. Even though you could barely see the television screen you would never have to worry about being bored.””

— D. Ingram

Although it has been over 50 years since Elizabeth Montgomery  AKA Samantha Stevens Literally flew onto television screens across America the memories and laughter still linger. If you mention the name Samantha Stevens to any average older American it stirs memories of laughter and joy of a simpler time and a long gone era. The show about an average American man named Daren Stevens (York) who gets more than he barged for when he marries a beautiful girl named Samantha (Montgomery) whom forgot to mention the simple fact that she was a witch. As the episodes and series go on this proves to be a problem. Although adjusting to the fact of having a witch as a wife or a mortal as a husband would just seem unthinkable to most of us Daren and Samantha both seem to maintain their love for each other. Even through two sets of meddling in laws, children, and nosy neighbors the love between the two is always there. I file this show under the golden age of television because of its innocence, pureness, and the overall feeling of happiness you get when you sit down for those thirty short minutes. I believe Bewitched will always be a part of Americana and a very pleasant glimpse of the past. In short I would recommend anybody on an oldies kick or just on a Saturday with nothing to do to sit down and watch Bewitched.