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Alex Lopez, Entertainment

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It was a good show. I had a good laugh out of it.”

I dream of  Jeannie is a great show. It’s funny and very entertaining. The shows about a astronaut named Tony Nelson that wakes up on a beach and he finds a glass bottle and rubs it. That’s where Jeannie appears and gives him wishes. He wishes for a helicopter to find him and she brings a helicopter to him. He sees it and told her that he was setting her free and she went back into her glass bottle then goes into his stuff. She sneaks back home with him and goes into his room and takes a shower. Tony’s fiance Amanda comes over and her and Tony start talking and Jeannie comes out of the room with one of his shirts on and Amanda says “who’s this” and Tony says “she’s a Jeannie”. Amanda doesn’t believe him and gets mad and walks out of the house and leaves.

Tony is played by Larry Hogman. He’s a funny guy. He’s a kinda tall white guy with blue eyes. Jeannie is played by Barbara Eden. She plays Jeannie and she stalks around Tony. She’s a mid size person with blonde hair, she’s white and also has blue eyes. The minor characters are Dr. Alfred Belows who’s played by Hyden Rorke. He’s a kinda short old guy and he’s Tony’s fiances dad. Amanda Belows is played by Emmaline Henry. She plays Tony’s fiance.

The episode I watched was the very first one and the first time I ever watched and I liked it. It was a nice funny show and it was a good show if you want to have a nice little laugh about. The episode was about Tony stranded on an island and then he finds a glass bottle and rubs it. That’s when Jeannie comes in and helps Tony get home. When he gets rescued by wishing for a helicopter Jeannie sneaks home with him and she starts messing with him because she likes him, like she goes and takes a shower  and when his fiance Amanda comes she comes out dressed in one of his shirts. I would recommend this show if you want to have a good little laugh. It’s a good show. I think people should watch it.