Gilligan’s Island

Jonathan Ramirez


“Gilligan’s Island” Everyone blames Gilligan.  I think its a very funny show that I would watch. It’s very entertaining and attention grabbing.

Gilligan (Bob Denver) is a crewman of the SS  Minnow. He’s always messing up. He is dumb. The Skipper (Alan Hale) is captain of the SS Minnow. He is over weight. Thurston Howell (Jim Backus) is a millionaire that is used to luxury but never does anything.

Mrs. Howell (Natalie Schafer) is Thurstan’s wife who’s always spoiled. Ginger grant (Tina Lousel) a movie star. Professor (Russel Johnson) a high school teacher who built things for the main characters.

Gilligan and his friends are trapped in an island. The Mosquitoes band shows up to the island to get away from people and their fans. They ask the Mosquitoes take them with them when they leave the island.

I liked how it’s very funny and makes you laugh. Gilligan is always messing things up and the captain is always getting mad. I recommend this show to families that want to laugh and have a good time its a really amazing show.