Gilligan Contributes To Almost Leaving

Tisha Fuentes, Reporter

“Gilligan’s Island” is a show that had aired on September 26, 1964 with a total of three seasons. The show is about a group of people that went onto a boat tour and go in a ship wreck. The group found themselves stuck on an island. I think ”Gilligan’s Island” is a great old fashioned, humorous family oriented show.

This show consists of seven star roles. Skipper, played by Alan Hale Jr.  is the captain with Gilligan, played by Bob Denver, as his ”little buddy”. Mr. Howell (Jim Backus), a multi-millionare, and Lovely Howell (Natalie Schafer) are married and often seems less stressed about the predicament they are in. Tina Louise plays the role of Ginger who coincidentally is an actress. The professor, who is constantly working on ways to get off the island, is played by Russell Johnson. Mary Ann, played by Dawn Wells, is the most normal actor out out of all of them.

Many of the minor characters appear on one episode only. They don’t interact as much as the main characters interact with each other. For the most part, the minor characters end up on the island and just talk or sing for the major characters.

In the episode, ”Don’t Bug The Mosquitoes” a music group called The Mosquitoes are on the island. The group leaves briefly to go perform. When the group gets back, the seven main characters decide to for their own groups to open for The Mosquitoes. The Mosquitoes agreed to allow the girls (Mary Ann, Ginger, and Lovey) to open their next show. Before everyone gets the chance to finish packing, they found a note, a gift, and The Mosquitoes no where to be found.

“I would allow my little brothers and sisters to watch this show because they would enjoy it.”

-Kayla Woodward

One of the many humorous scenes was when the men (Gilligan, Skipper, Mr.Howell, and the professor) tried to form a band to open for The Mosquitoes. Their band sounded horrible and the instruments were made from wood. Also, Gilligan was confused most of the time. He never realized how he was contributing to the ideas. At most, the episode ”Don’t Bug The  Mosquitoes” shows one character kissing the other, which is nothing too graphic for the younger viewers.

Overall I think it’s a great show. I would recommend this show to both adults and children. ”Gilligan’s Island is interesting and funny. The show is kid friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate.

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